Podcast Guest

You’re going be a guest on the
Tools Tips and Technology Show!

Here’s the information you will need to know; what you should expect and what I need from you to have a great show.

The show is aired each Thursday on our  iTunes and Stitcher channels and on our website.  We share information and conversation with successful entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world. We believe that there are no boundaries and no boarders.  We cover Business Ideas, Marketing, Future Media, Office Sharing, Podcasting, Video Tips, Tools for keeping us Organized, Handling Leads, WordPress Security, cool Plug-Ins and much more. CLICK HERE to listen to the iTunes channel or click above on the Podcast page.

No Boarders

Russ Johns and Marian LaSalle

REMEMBER this is NOT an interview. This is a conversation between two successful business owners. You will be asking me questions and sharing in the conversation.

You MUST share some tools, tips and technology you are currently using to help you in your business. You can share the tools or software you are using to keep your business growing & humming along. Tools for keeping track of your leads, keeping you organized and assisting you in growing your business. Don't be caught off guard, prepare ahead of time.

CEO of Ringr
VA Collaborative

Schedule the recording:

  • Schedule the recording HERE:Book an Appointment
  • The show is approximately 25-30 minutes long. Allow 10 minutes for the pre-talk discussing ideas and questions. Total time to allow - 45 minutes
  • Please make sure your equipment works before we begin. You will need a good microphone or a headset with a mic. If we are doing video you will need a webcam.
  • Please let me know if you have a special photo you want me to use for the promotions. If you don't, I will pick one off your website or social media channel
  • Turn off your cell phone and alerts, put the dogs out and get ready to share your genius
  • Remember to share the show with your community

We use 2 technologies to record our show (Your Choice)

Video with any device you own via Zoom.us


Audio with your iPhone via Ringer www.ringrr.us


I’m looking forward to a fantastic show with you. Let me know if you have any questions by using the voice mail button over on the right of the website.