About Marian LaSalle

I believe that collaboration is the key to unlocking business success. Having fun and doing what you love will bring awesome opportunities to you and your partners. 

Marian LaSalle and Jamie Tardy

The picture you see to the left is me having fun with some other podcasters at an event called Podcast Movement in Dallas, Texas. Natalie Sisson from the Suitcase Entrepreneur on my left and on my right is Jaime Tardy from the Eventual Millionaire.

I love speaking, training and coaching and I get to travel to the most fascinating conferences and events. When my clients and partners live in different states or countries, we get to work together on video conferencing software, which is FANTASTIC! Most of the time we forget we are not sitting right next to each other. 

All 3 of my companies support and protect business owners.
WP Site Monitor WordPress site Backed Up, Up to Date, and Secure
Painted Path Designs - WordPress design, redesign and updates
We specialize in:
*WordPress Websites, Blogs and Stores
*Coaching, Mentoring and Training 

We offer:

  • Content Marketing Training
  • WordPress Monitoring and Security 
  • SEO ~ Search Engine Optimization Training

We love what technology can do for all of us.

Some of the ways I get to have fun is through my podcast and videos. It's a way to share the easy technology tips that we teach our clients (mentoring and coaching) and students everyday. We can take a new business from just an idea to full blown explosive growth by using WordPress software for websites and blogs, video, audio on demand and all the new technology we have at our fingertips.

That's my story in a nutshell, and I can hardly wait to share the adventure with YOU!

Marian LaSalle aka ‘By Your Side Guide’ is a business coach, author, podcaster, speaker, and trainer. She is owner of Tools Tips and Technology, WP Site Monitor and Painted Path Designs. She loves sharing the tools and tips of web design and internet marketing.

Marian LaSalle Speaking

She is a Director for the Public Speakers Association and Co-Founder of Future Media Association. Marian loves to help her clients promote their businesses and passions using all the tools available on the web to reach their audience. With over 20 years experience in PR, marketing, and technology, Marian's specialty is training, speaking and consulting for small businesses owners.