How to Create Your Own Graphics

Using FREE and Low Cost Tools

How To Create Your Own Graphics

Power up your business! Create beautiful images to communicate your message.

  • Boost Your Business with Eye-Catching Images with FREE and low cost tools and software.
  • Design any kind of visual for your promotions, like... custom banners, buttons & graphics.
  • Effectively communicate your message or ideas with colorful graphics and  visually appealing photos. 

Are you ready to grab the color wheel?

It's easy, colorful and FUN to create your own graphics!!

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The right kind of graphics will help guide your viewers focus on the important content on the page. People LOVE color and graphics! 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Graphics for a Lasting  Impression...

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“This world is but a canvas to our imagination" ~ Henry David Thoreau


  • Inside techniques that really work for YOU!
  • Get a clear handle on your brand & then stretch beyond creating graphics
  • Use this information anytime you need to design visuals for your business or personal use
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By choosing YES you’ll get the following benefits:

Create Your Own CTA

You will feel such freedom and will be able to let your creativity soar by creating your own graphics and 'Call to Action' ART.

Easy to Use Tools  

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Video Tutorials and a step-by-step e-book will have you creating your own designs in a FLASH!

Even Marian's Business Partners Wanted a Copy...

"Marian is the designer side of our business and is the one I rely on to make our business look good. She is really good at graphics. I knew she used a lot of different tools for making graphic banners and objects, but I never knew quite how much. Now I have all the tools she uses myself. I love this e-book - now I can try my hand at making some graphics for our clients!"

- Becky Earle (Tech Support)

Software can be intimidating to learn, especially if you've never used it before. That's why I dedicate my time and energy to demonstrate some of the most popular software, like Canva and Snagit.

"Creating graphics is fun and my customers love them."

We want YOU to succeed!

Louise Dewey

"I'm so excited now that I know some of Marian's Secrets."

"I can truthfully attest to the brilliance of what Marian LaSalle has written. She has made doing online graphics so easy even I can do it, and I'm so non-techie it's scary! But I have already learned so much with the help of this e-book and the accompanying How-To videos. WOW! You are definitely gonna want a copy for yourself and your friends. YEA!"

- Louise Dewey (The Baby Boomer Babe)

Look What You’ll Be Able To Do...

Here are just SOME of the graphics I have created for my business and personal fun...

Sparks of Success | Creative Business Incubator
No Boarders
Future Media Association
Late Night Online Friends Happy Hour - Tools Tips and Technology
sharing the good stuff

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